Streamlist is an online marketplace that enables the purchase and sale of goods

Pre-owned items can be listed on Streamlist if they are clean and in good condition and are permitted to
be resold under applicable laws. All items must be clearly and accurately represented.

Streamlist strictly prohibits the sale of illegal items, including but not limited to replicas or fakes, counterfeit products, products that are misleadingly branded or otherwise seek to unfairly benefit from brands of others, products that are made or derived from threatened or extinct species, anything requiring a prescription, misrepresented Native American or American Indian arts and crafts, and stolen goods or goods to which the seller does not have exclusive title and right to transfer ownership. Members who buy, list, or otherwise attempt to sell such illegal items risk immediate and permanent suspension from Streamlist. Note, using a brand name to improperly describe or promote an item is not permitted on Streamlist and may violate trademark laws, even if the item is not explicitly “counterfeit”. For example, the use of the words “inspired by” followed by a brand (for example “inspired by Chanel”) is prohibited on our platform. Additionally, sale of products created by taking portions of branded items (for example, a button from an authentic designer jacket) and re-purposing / hand-making them into other items like jewelry, is also prohibited on our platform.

Streamlist also prohibits the sale of items that cannot be shipped using Priority Mail per USPS regulations, including nail polish, perfumes and aerosols. Click here for more information on what cannot be shipped through the USPS. Any listings in these categories will be deleted. Members who repeatedly attempt to sell such items risk permanent suspension from Streamlist.

Streamlist also prohibits sales of the following:

  • Digital items
  • Account credentials
  • Items containing nicotine
  • Weapons, including firearms, firearm parts and knives
  • Explicit items
  • Sex toys and/or fetish items
  • Items that are a safety hazard
  • Products requiring legal approval or licenses in order to be sold
  • Items you do not currently have that are on order
  • Alcohol
  • Medicines of any kind (whether prescription or over-the-counter)
  • Financial products and services such as bonds, securities, and insurance
  • Current banknotes (in dollars or any other currencies)
  • Animals of any species
  • Human body parts, organs, cells, blood, or similar items